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Buchtel Students Working Within Their Academies
Posted on 11/19/2019
Our first quarter has come to a close, and both The Academy of Global Industry & Design and The Summa Health Academy of Leadership & Innovation are continuing to support this year's initiative of helping students create a sense of belonging.  In order to achieve this, both academies hosted an Initiation Ceremony for students in their respective academies. Other activities that have helped support students' sense of belonging include award ceremonies, student incentives, and Experiential Learning Days
Summa Health Academy of Leadership & Innovation
Cindy has been an APS employee for the past 13 years and began her APS career as an English teacher. Most recently, she's been teaching Pathway to Careers to our Freshmen students. 

Prior to her work in education, Cindy had various roles in sales marketing and management for 20 years. Please see Cindy's contact information below:

Cindy Memmen
[email protected]
330-761-7945 ext. 4688

De'Anna Edwards will be out on maternity leave from November 2019 through February 2020. Cindy Memmen will sub for De'Anna while she is out.
Our Industry Field Trips were a huge success!! Thank you to the following partners who shared their expertise and work spaces to help make these experiences possible. Our students are beginning to understand the possibilities and career options available to them through their pathways.

-Akron Food Works (The Well)
-Akron Urban League
-Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio
-G. Stephens, Inc.
-Gavin Scott Salon & Spa
-Great Clips
-Huntington National Bank
-Leia Love Hair & Nails
-Positive Hair Image
-Robert J. Events & Catering
-Summa Health Systems:
       Dietetics & Nutrition
       Health & Wellness
       Information Technology
       Organizational Development and Training
-Summit County Juvenile Court
-Taste of Fine Dining
-The PT Center for Sports Medicine
Akron Food Works (The Well)

"I loved seeing the kitchen that's available for people in the community to use. Also it was nice to know that certified cooks or chefs who don't have a large kitchen to cook in can go to Akron Food Works. I have to tell my family."

Huntington National Bank

"I enjoyed the hands on-activities and working together in a group. My biggest takeaway is i
t doesn't matter where you come from you can succeed at anything if you try hard. The speakers really helped me. I liked hearing how they started out as trainees, but now they are managers."

G. Stephens

"I didn't realize there were so many jobs and different people needed at one location. You can never have too many construction workers. "

Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio

"My favorite part of the Industry Field Trip was creating my own program and writing a lesson for the kids that come to the Boys & Girls Clubs."
Summa Health-Dietetics & Nutrition

"I really enjoyed this trip. My favorite part was the hand-on activities. One in particular was making pizza dough and eating it for lunch."

Summit County Juvenile Court

"My favorite part of the trip was the mock trial. I volunteered as the prosecutor. I learned it's important to know your facts and have all the information you need. I struggled, but I had so much fun!"

The PT Center

 I learned that recovering from an injury or a surgery is a long process. I also learned that you can often tell what problems people have with their body based on how they walk."

Summa Health-Information Technology

"It was nice to experience that there is so much more to being in IT than just working solely on computers or fixing things when broken. Many roles exist such as head of cybersecurity and building programs to help stay ahead of scammers."

Summa Health: Organizational Development and Training

"It was interesting to hear how much time doctors and nurses give in order to save someones life. I realized how important it is to communicate with the staff you are responsible for, it can be a matter of life or death."

Summa Health: Health & Wellness

The best part of my industry field trip was the hands on learning. My biggest takeaway is knowing how to put an injured, unconscious person on a spinal board.

Akron Urban League

"I learned about the risks and rewards involved when owning your own business."

Great Clips

"The experience overall was super fun. My favorite parts were doing each others hair and learning new techniques such as the best way to cut hair. Also, it was nice to hear how Great Clips got started."

Positive Hair Image

"I enjoyed watching how they handled a situation where a woman came in upset about her hair. They worked with her and never lost their cool. I learned how important it is to remain professional at all times." 

Gavin Scott Salon & Spa

I really enjoyed watching and observing the different jobs within the salon and the process needed for each one.


Leia Love Hair & Nails

"I enjoyed watching the nail tech and seeing the different techniques she used."

Robert J. Events & Catering

"I loved working in the kitchen and watching as they prepared a catering job for 600 people."

Taste of Fine Dining

"I enjoyed learning about how to start a business from the ground up."

KSU Service Learning @ Buchtel
During the month of October, 78 students from Kent State University's College of Education, Health and Human Services completed their service learning hours at Buchtel CLC. KSU students had the chance to bring their disciplines to life. Not only did KSU students have an opportunity to assist our classroom teachers and create lessons, they were given a snapshot into the world of urban education.

Additionally, prior to their visits, KSU students were able to participate in a panel discussion with Buchtel teachers, counselors, liaisons and administrators. This Q&A was an essential part of their experience as it assisted in their growing understanding of this profession. 
-Thursday, 11/21/2019 from 5-8 PM: Buchtel 7th Annual Harvest Festival/
Academy Showcase 

-Monday, 12/16/2019 from 4-5:30 PM: GID Advisory Board Meeting 

-Tuesday, 12/17/2019 @ 7:30-9:00 AM: Summa Health LI Advisory Board Meeting

-Wednesday, 1/29/2020 @ 9 AM: 2nd Annual Career Expo

(Please click HERE to register as an exhibitor for the Career Expo)

“We are what we do, not what we say we'll do!”


Thank you for putting words into action.

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